March 5, 2015

Quick weekend in Mexico

When we returned home from Ireland in November Nathan and I knew we needed another trip for just us not too long after.  The 10 day European experience with Amelia was wonderful, but we needed time for just us too.  A vacation from our vacation per se.  Knowing that we were hoping to begin trying for our second child in February I used the last of our miles to book us airfare to Cancun and found us a cute little vacation rental in Playa del Carmen on the cheap! (Can you tell we love vacation rentals yet?!).

We left Amelia with my mom and her auntie on a Friday and returned home Tuesday.  With our direct flights 4 nights/3 days was just enough.  It was also great because as opposed to our last trip leaving Amelia for this long (NYC the previous year) I only had to pump twice a day to maintain her milk supply!

Our long weekend was spent indulging in delicious and authentic (and cheap!) hole-in-the wall Mexican cuisine, lounging on the beach, and enjoying our share of rum punch.

The rooftop of our condo rental- complete with pool: