February 3, 2015

Big changes…

Had you told me on New Year’s Eve of 2014 that we would be moving in 2015 I would have said no possible way, we’re staying in our current place at least another 2 years.  That just goes to show that God sometimes has different plans.

It all started when my mom told us on Christmas Eve she was going to start looking to move in the next year or two, and when she found something she liked (and signed a purchase agreement on) within two weeks it took us all a bit by surprise.  As I was walking her soon-to-be home with her she was encouraging us to look as well, that it’s a good market, and if we plan to have a second baby anytime soon we would definitely need the space.

When I broached the subject with Nathan he was pretty hesitant, we had solid plans to bring our (eventual) second baby home to our current home and start looking when Amelia got closer to school age.  But he told me to call the bank and if they gave us the green light we could at least look.  To our surprise our bank gave us the all clear.  Within a few days we had a meeting with a realtor from our church and were looking at houses.

The very first house we looked at was a model in a new development in Rosemount.  We loved the model but thought it was something we might easily outgrow, so decided to walk a larger spec home that was move-in ready, despite it being $40k out of our price range.  We really liked it, but didn’t realistically consider it because of the price.  Four days later they dropped the price $20k.  All of a sudden that didn’t seem like such a big gap.  We walked the unit again and felt God leading us to make an offer.  The builder rep told us point blank that the builder will NOT sell a home below base price, and our offer was $5k below base price plus the home has $45k in upgrades.  So none of us was surprised when within 24 hours our offer was declined by the builder.  We fully knew and understood that if this was to be our home only God could make it happen.  24 hours later the builder rep contacted our realtor and said they  were reconsidering, getting my hopes up again, but then 24 hours after that the builder said another buyer was making an offer.  At that point the home clearly wasn’t ours and we completely let it go.  Nathan and I had decided at the beginning of the process that we didn’t want the house without God’s blessing, so if it wasn’t to be ours that He would close doors.  A final door closed at that point and we accepted it.  To our complete surprise, two hours later the builder accepted our offer and we had a hearty congratulations from our realtor.

It’s been completely crazy and amazing seeing all the ways God has worked to make this come about.  Our new home has been on the market 7 months- as if it were waiting just for us plus being on the market so long also enabled us to get it at the price we needed it to be.  In addition the entire home is spec’ed out the exact way we would have chosen but NEVER could have afforded to build had we been paying full price to build it.  And then on the other end, God is working wonders with our current home.  Within two weeks of posting it online for rent we will have a three year lease signed starting April 1st. PRAISE THE LORD for his goodness, grace, and favor throughout this process.  It’s so amazing to see how he has ordained everything and has had his hand on the process from the start.

So without further ado, meet our new home:

our house